Research Lines

Our main objective is the development of less harmful methodologies to the environment for compounds with immediate or medium to long term applications. For that, we also have some important studies of classical reactions within the same philosophy that can be considered academic but are importance for future applied research.

With this in mind, our research fits within the Green Chemistry philosophy.

Green chemistry is a type of pollution prevention caused by activities in the field of chemistry. This strategy aims to develop methodologies and / or processes that use and generate the least amount of toxic and/or flammable materials. In this case, the risks would be minimized, and once the process was implemented, the treatment costs of waste would be reduced.

In this direction, we mainly study solutions to the problem of the use of organic solvents.

One of the major problems in the chemical industry is related to the use of organic solvents (volatile or not) in its processes, since depending on the solvent used, its manufacture, transport, storage, handling and disposal represent aspects that require care and capital (Kakabadse, G.; Solvent Problems in Industry, Elsevier: London, 1984).

In our studies we seek to prevent the use of solvents or use solvents harmless to the environment, such as water. Such a strategy would bring benefits to the environment and the advantage of minimizing the cost of production.