“Professor is not who teaches, but which arouses in the student the wish to learn”

Jean Piaget (1896 – 1980)

The Aqua Educare project was created by higher education professor of SOA Group from the perception of lack of motivation and interest of undergraduates in specific disciplines focused on vocational training.

Thus, if...

"Every artist has to go where the people are" - Milton Nascimento

 We conclude that ...

“Every professor has to go where the undergraduate student is”

Technological changes that have taken place in recent years have led to a change in behavior. Our students live in two worlds, the real and the virtual. So we have to educate in these two worlds.

The project has the objective of take a trip through all the media by using the Internet on computers, tablets, mobile phones and Smart TV.

However, it’s more than use these technologies, the content cannot be presented simply as a copy of the classroom or books. Products must present the content in a modern, interesting, different and innovative way. Therefore, the script and aesthetics of the products are important.

The student will not be better only with the content given in the classroom and he will not study because his professor advised him. He must want it, then we must work harder than the content of the chemical but also the emotional intelligence of undergraduate students. Only then, we will have at the end of the course true professional graduates.

We present video clips like multimedia materials to be used in this sense. Of course this does not replace the contact with the professor and books. Our intention is to approach them through a language and medias that we consider to be, nowadays, more attractive to students.

Through emotional intelligence must decrease the Grand Canyon in communication between professor and their students. We need to work with them and on their behalf.


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